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July 20, 2013


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Peter Johnston

Someone asked with the last issue about how to get about the document quickly as people were getting tired scrolling through lots of pages. Note that each issue is set up with internal bookmarks. So, if you open an issue in Adobe Reader and click on the little bookmark logo on the left hand side it will open up a bookmark list from which you can jump from around the document quickly.

Hope that helps.


Gina Gibson

I've paid for this on paypal but can't seem to download it! Could someone please email it to me? Many thanks

Cindy Getzinger

Hi all,

I am very interested in the NL subscription for this coming Sept thru May. What is the cost? And is that the download that starts Sept-Nov on the website and the subscription continues with the rest of the year or do you subscript in parts. How does this work?

I like what I see in the "sample" for the NL this coming season.

Thanks, Cindy

Kathryn Gauger

I have paid for Issue 13 Item number 112564 on Paypal but can't download it. My email is kathryn.gauger@gmail.com
I have printed the recipt from paypal and it verifies that I have paid for issue 13.
Thank you!

Kathryn Gauger

Thanks! - it arrived at the email address I use for PayPal.

Rev. Krista Mendoza

When will issue 14 be available?? We are loving this resource!

Patty [in Australia]

thank for making this useful resource. some resourc3es are used in worship and others in our small and variable Sunday School.

Naomi Dornan

I have also paid for Spill the Beans, Issue 14
Item Number 124312 but haven't received anything, although ordered 04/11. My email is lulufan@me.com

Help! Thanks :)


I liked the look of this material at Greenbelt and would like to see how well it works in our context. We are using the RCL so I'd need the earlier material, however I I'd rather not spend £50 on the whole lot until I've tried it out properly. Would it be possible to buy and download just year B or even a portion of year B? Many thanks.

Rene McCurr

Can we buy past issues? The link for Issue 13 is not working for me. I love my issue #14. Thank you for the resource!

Kathryn Gauger

When I click Buy and Download Now for Issue #15 it opens the Screen for purchase. I can't bet logged in to either of the PayPalaccounts I have used in the past to buy previous issues - my church's PayPal Account and my own personal one. I would appreciate any help you can give as I have tried to buy Issue #15 numerous times over the past week with no success. We do love using it!
Kathryn Gauger

James Mackenzie

I have tried to login to the site but get the message that my email address is not on your list. I purchased spill the beans 1-12 a few weeks ago and then Issue 20 just last week. Can you please help !

Hi Peter I know you from Hamilton Presbytery when I was minister at Hillhouse, Hamilton. I am retired now but am starting a Locum in Jersey.

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