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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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David Morley

Re last paragraph:

But for anyone who feels unable simply to adopt the traditional belief framework in black and white terms, pursuing the nature of the greyness is a difficult and isolating experience.


I think that is true, Black ad white can be quite easy since you know what is right and wrong, what is in and what's out. The real faith comes in the questions about whether these really are right or wrong.

Ambition: to allow a congregation to grow where the questions set the agenda, and no one takes things for granted. We might end up being in the minority (especially in a conservative world) but it might be the more honest place to be.


The problem with black and white is that there is little room to learn, to grow, to develop. You are right, eery one else is in error. No room to realise that sometimes you just got it pure wrong. And the danger is, when you become extreme in defending your cause, or your point of view, the cause has become more important than the message which we all seek to follow, that the Kingdom is here. Glad to be grey.

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