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September 28, 2011


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Billy Burnside

Can you e-mail me a copy of the first quarter (Bburnside@aol.com)and an invoice and I'll get the Church to write a cheque. Cheers

Eileen Ross

Please email me the first quarter and an invoice. Thanks

Carol Anne


Would really like a copy of Spill the Beans which goes into November (I have the shorter version at the moment). An email version is fine. Happy to send payment if you tell me how to go about it.

Many thanks!


Hi Roddy could you email a copy please and the address where to send the cheque to. Thanks!


Nelu --

You'll need to send me your email address to spillthebeans@virginmedia.com


Sent email now (I also sent one last week - probably ended up in the span filter - virgin media are good at that).


Lyn Peden

Could I please have an email copy of the next installment and an invoice thanks.


Hi Roddy - I am not sure you received my email as I have not received yet the rest of the spill the beans. Could you email me a copy please at nelu@gmx.co.uk - I would like a copy as my sunday school teachers are desperate. Thanks a lot.

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