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November 7, 2011


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John Richardson

Dear "Spill the Beans

I am sure the angelic choir is singing beautifully and travelling at the speed of light, yet I still hear no wings beating or had a visitation. As I said in an E-mail yesterday, there is no way that I can get your PAYPAL link to work on my computer. I used it yesterday for a payment to another organisation and it functioned perfectly.???


I think you'll find you have you very own angelic host. In fact I can hear the choir warming up right now and you should receive something instantly in your email box with extra angel dust for good measure...

Peter Johnston

Something strange going on, as I have had one other person reporting strange glitches when going through the PayPal process, but others have been through it with no problems at all.

Eileen Ross

yesterday paypal was not talking but today we are best friends! payment made and looking forward to the email with the new programme.

Lorna Hutcheon

Is there any way we can have a preview before paying....I have only one or two children at our Sunday school each week and so paying £12 for something that might not suit isn't really an option....found the first edition of stb good but would like previews of others before purchasing...

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