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September 11, 2012


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Peter Johnston

As I was creating the powerpoint backgrounds for this week, one of my daughters was hovering over my shoulder and she asked if Jesus came back whether he would come back as a child or as an adult. It began a conversation about our expectations for Jesus.

I was reminded of two books that deal with this subject that may be helpful to folks. One is Adrian Plass's book "The Visit: Would You Be Ready?" (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0551032235) - a short provocative read.

The other is a longer but fascinating novel by Glenn Kleier called "The Last Day" (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0340695862) - which raises all kinds of questions about how the world would react to a Messiah today.

Liz Crumlish

I've been musing this week, not so much on the question"Who do you say I am?" but on our answer - and what we do with the answer. In many respects it's not so much giving a right or wrong answer but responding to who Jesus is. Peter seemed to get it right - "You are the Christ" but his view of what Christ was was skewed and he had to learn how to respond to Jesus way of being Christ - involving suffering and death and taking up a cross.
Anyway, that's what is going round in my head for preaching this week.
Thought I might use some of those pics of Jesus - to see what chimes with folks.


It's all about reinterpreting the words we use perhaps. We use the right words but just mean different things by them. Which is the whole story of the church, isn't it. Indeed there is another word that falls into the category: 'Church'. How many ways can we misunderstand that?

And then there is justice, and neighbour, and love.

Maybe that is why Jesus did more acting out of the kingdom rather than talking about it.

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