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September 24, 2012


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Eileen Ross

at the very end of the service when the Bible is being carried out, we are encouraging one another by singing (JP65) "Go, tell it on the mountain" verses 1 & 5. The children are in church at this point and everybody can sing it, plus, over the course of several weeks it reinforces the message.

Eileen Ross

We have also been singing "Who spoke words of wisdom and life" (it's in "All the Assembly songs you'll ever need"). Chorus is easy for children, even P1 & P2, and in the verse there is a question and answer format, and the answers are the same in every verse, reinforcing the message as well as being accessible for children who can't read.

Liz Crumlish

For some reason "What if God was one of us" (Martyn Joseph) is rattling about my head. May have to play that during service.

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